Thursday, August 28, 2008


Árbol que crece torcido jamás su tronco endereza.

--Mexican Proverb

A tree which grows bent will never get straight again.

I wonder how twined I have become around my past. If one were to remove the central supports of my life, would I remain twisted around, contorted to accommodate rigidity that is no longer there? Or am I still supple enough to straighten out, to reach directly upward to the sky? Am I too crooked now to stand alone? Are the habits and philosophies of my mind set forever in the paths they took when I was still young and green and flexible? Those paths wove in and around, careful not to disturb, but still longing to maintain contact, forming myself around others, bending to their convenience and liking. If I remain rooted, will not the center grow, straight and thick, until it has me locked into place, eventually consuming me, melding with me and taking from me my individuality?


lizardrinking said...

I think from the questions you pose, that it is highly unlikely that you would remain twisted...contorted to accomodate rigidity that is no longer there if the central supports were removed. Of course the past influences all, though. A beautifully written post, again ♥

Wade said...

It's funny. When I look at the picture, I see the central trunk as your inner self, and the twisting tree as the past trying to hem you in. As your true self grows and matures, your past is absorbed and made part of the larger, stronger whole.

I guess it is all a matter of perspective.

I agree with rose. Another beautifully written post.