Tuesday, May 6, 2008


heart pure and raw
you say
high voltage pumping desire
you say you
to your limbs, your fingers electric
you say you ache
our embrace
you say you ache for me
a closed circuit

Kirsten Larsen, 2008

What is the electricity of pure desire worth? If you know, through experience, that it will lead to disaster in the end, do you still plunge forward, for the sake of the jolt of the joining? Can you ignore the warnings your head screams at you and listen instead to the blood rushing through your veins? Can either be trusted? Does it make a difference if you fall into a pit because you didn't see it or if you jump into it with your eyes wide open?


Crash said...

How would you ever know if you never take a chance...?
I think too many people live in fear and don't let themselvs live because of it.
At the end of all the hurt, most the time , I think one has still learned something valuble from it.
I could be wrong though...
I like the poem glo, it's pretty cool.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I sure don't know.

anglophile said...

Thanks Crash, it is another one written by my best friend. She has been writing some great poems.

Kath, your guess is as good as mine.

Imagine That said...

Wonderful poem 'glo. My motto has always been "I have no regrets",so I would of course have very little to say. I am so close to being snow! fantasy~Jane
I think I should dump the fantasy name, it is bad for my image! ♥

Wade said...

Your friend has a wonderful way with words.

I think the key is not how you land in the pit, but what you do once you are there.

lizardrinking said...

Even with doubt and trepidation, once the feeling is that strong, I need to go with it even if I feel (think?) I am crossing boundaries that should not be crossed.

Placing myself outside of my safety zone is exhilirating and terrifying.

Fantasy's attitude is the best, mine is unfortunately quite the opposite(regarding regrets).

Good luck, 'glo!

zombieBlanco said...


The poem perfectly captures that spark, that need, but your questions provide the pause. For some reason both together have me humming 'should I stay or should I go now'.

Your thoughtful commentary and questions about the poems you post make me wonder: did you teach in a previous life?

anglophile said...

LOL, not that I know of, zombie. Previously in this life I have been a hotel housekeeper and biology lab assistant, mail sorter and worked for a charity helping poor families. But while I worked all those jobs, I read poetry.