Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Oh For a Bowl of Fat Canary

Oh, for a bowl of fat Canary,
Rich Palermo, sparkling Sherry,
Some nectar else, from Juno's dairy;
Oh, these draughts would make us merry!

Oh, for a wench (I deal in faces,
And in other, daintier things);
Tickled am I with her embraces,
Fine dancing in such fairy rings.

Oh, for a plump fat leg of mutton,
Veal, lamb, capon, pig, and coney;
None is happy but a glutton,
None an ass but who wants money.

Wines indeed and girls are good,
But brave victuals feast the blood;
For wenches, wine, and lusty cheer,
Jove would leap down to surfeit here.

John Lyly, 1640

I'm in a rollicking mood today, having spent the afternoon in raucous and raunchy company, laughing and joking. I picture a pub long ago filled with friends around a table, eating, drinking, laughing and I picture my friends today, sitting at desks behind computers, laughing at the words on the screen, getting up to get a drink and coming back to laugh some more. John Lyly would be amazed.

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lizardrinking said...

Hey anglo,
I only just noticed you were blue! Maybe that is adding to the eternal confusion over you and amy on my part. Cool, cool site.